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KYOCERA AccuSender powered by SendSecure is an interface to XMedius SendSecure file exchange platform that gives users the ability to scan to, and print from, their SendSecure account directly from the MFP without the need for middleware, making this solution suitable for any size organization. KYOCERA AccuSender Powered by SendSecure provides a secure exchange of confidential information using a “SafeBox”. A SafeBox is created under the logged in user’s XMedius SendSecure account. Notifications are then sent out to the recipients, from the logged in user’s XMedius SendSecure account, through the web portal. Security with XMedius SendSecure lies in the software’s ability to encrypt the shared files when they are on their way into, and out of, the platform. This security is what makes Kyocera AccuSender powered by SendSecure safe and secure, and therefore compliant with many regulations such as, HIPPA SOX and FERPA.


  • Securely scan and share documents to multiple recipients directly from your Kyocera MFP using XMedius SendSecure SafeBox
  • Connect to XMedius SendSecure directly from your Kyocera MFP without the need for middleware
  • Compliance with HIPPA, SOX and FERPA 
  • Single sign-on allows for one time login, in conjunction with other approved HyPAS applications
  • Import and export the AccuSender powered by SendSecure settings to easily configure multiple installations