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KYOCERA Microsoft Connector Spec Sheet


KYOCERA Microsoft connector is a Business Application created to simplify document scanning and sharing from a network connected Kyocera HyPAS-enabled MFP to an existing installation of Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, and/or OneDrive for Business. The SharePoint feature allows users to walk up to a Kyocera MFP and access documents on the SharePoint Server using their MFP touch screen interface, as well as scan, print, browse and even convert files to MS-Word and MS-Excel formats through their SharePoint document libraries. With the Exchange integration, users can transform important documents into a digitized version that can be emailed as an attachment to any number of accessible contacts and local address lists directly through their Kyocera MFP. The OneDrive for Business integration allows users to update and share their files utilizing their online cloud storage, from any Kyocera MFP. The KYOCERA Microsoft connector, combining SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive for Business integration, delivers a strong value and a comprehensive solution for Kyocera and Microsoft customers.

Quick Breakdown of the Microsoft applications that KYOCERA Microsoft connector interfaces with:

  1. Microsoft SharePoint (on-premise and online): Share and organize information
  2. Microsoft Exchange (on-premise and online): Business email service
  3. OneDrive for Business: Cloud storage and sharing service


  • Scan-to and print-from MS SharePoint and OneDrive for Business installations
  • Scan and send emails from MS Exchange installations
  • Fully compatible with Office 365 online versions of SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive for Business
  • Simplified index and search feature for easy access to your documents in SharePoint
  • Single Sign-On and Card Swipe Authentication for quick and secure login to various Kyocera Business Applications
  • OmniPage OCR version of the connector supports document conversion to Searchable PDF, Word, Excel, and Text, (Basic has searchable PDF only)