Work Effectively with Kyocera

Work Effectively

Work Effectively

90% (IDC White Paper) of all companies have no idea as to the true cost of their documents. There are many hidden costs that make output much more expensive than most people assume – such as inefficient hardware and workflows wasting time and resources.


Most companies don’t know how many document output devices they have or what they are used for, and it’s hard to identify which processes are creating an expense. With no monitoring procedure in place, other important areas are also left uncontrolled – such as environmental impact or data security.

Kyocera takes a holistic approach when determining hidden costs and possible savings, providing you with a detailed analysis of your current set-up, the efficiency of your processes and the resulting costs.

By taking all the relevant expenses into account, Kyocera MDS is a unique and vital strategy for every company that wants to realize its full potential for cost reduction.

The Kyocera MDS Assessment identifies the inefficiencies in your document output environment – making cost saving opportunities clear.

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